Moonshot by Aspen CE on Digitalization in Civil Service

28. June 2021

The Czech state administration faces increasingly complex challenges in a rapidly changing environment. This pandemic crisis has further proved the state’s long-term inability to implement projects critical to positively impacting the Czech economy and the lives of its citizens. Moonshot by Aspen CE, therefore, hosted a second interactive conference entitled The Future of Civil Service. The Moonshot pilot program, the Moonshot Impact Gallery, features projects that meet the goals of sustainable development in the field of state administration. Česko.Digital, a non-profit organization, and Bakala Foundation partner, was nominated to join the digital gallery.

“The state lacks the ability to act purposefully and systematically, it can’t set clear priorities for each ministry and transparently monitor their implementation,” noted a discussion material by the McKinsey & Company consulting firm. In addition, an exclusive public opinion survey focused on the population’s perception of the state administration published its results during the conference. Half of the respondents called for fundamental reform of “everything.” Respondents also made specific recommendations for public administration reform including digitization, modernization, and streamlining – both externally to citizens and internally within the functioning of individual offices and cooperation between them.

How do you ensure the effectiveness of the state administration and increase its attractiveness to draw in the best experts? These were the topics discussed at the conference by many compelling speakers – for instance Vera Jourova, Vice President for Values and Transparency of the European Commission, Danuse Nerudova, Rector of Mendel University in Brno, Dana Berova, businesswoman, investor and former Minister of Informatics or Michal Blaha, a founder of “Hlídač stá,” and others.

Panelists of the conference (from left): Michal Blaha, Danuse Nerudova, Jakub Drbohlav, David Slama, Ladislav Kucera, Dana Berova and Pavel Rehak.

Moonshot by Aspen CE follows an internationally award-winning series of Anti-Panic conferences that offered creative solutions to the effects of the pandemic. The Moonshot Platform pilot project, an Aspen Global Leadership Network and Yemi A.D. collaboration, launched in September 2020 in Washington DC. The project also features the international Moonshot Impact Gallery of innovations and inspirational projects, which connects startups and non-profits with investors, philanthropists, and partners to accelerate their growth and increase their impact. During the event, conference speakers nominated seven more projects to this gallery that they believe can bring long-term and fundamental change in the civil service field.

Among the proposed projects was the organization Česko.Digital. Remarking on the Cesko.Digital nomination Dana Berova said: “I am voting for the Česko.Digital. They have succeeded in doing that which we discussing here today. Their team aroused interest in state service among many people who would have never considered it before. Their strategy is to build from the bottom up and they actively do so.” Digital is a community of expert volunteers that help non-profit organizations, local governments, and the state with digital projects. The Bakala Foundation and Česko.Digital entered a long-term partnership at the end of April 2021 to support their shared values ​​and vision.

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