Man of Inspiration! Human Rights through the Life and Work of Václav Havel

05. October 2018

Zdeněk and Michaela Bakala, long-term partners of the Václav Havel Library, were delighted to support the production of a new educational video series called Everybody Can Change the World: Human Rights Through the Life and Work of Václav Havel. This e-learning course presents the ideas and work of Václav Havel with emphasis on human rights, civic society and responsibility. The Library launched this project with to familiarise young people born after 1989 with Vaclav Havel as a man who, despite many obstacles, spent his entire life fighting for freedom and human rights, both during the totalitarian period in Czechoslovakia and as a democratic president and subsequently also a citizen.

“This course, the production of which we were happy to support with Michaela, shows that the fight for freedom and human rights is meaningful at all times. We hope the video series will be viewed by a large number of teenagers, who grew up in a democratic society the values of which they take for granted and who may not be aware those values still need to be upheld,” said Zdeněk Bakala about the project.

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