Achilles Data on the Scene Again

20. October 2021

The Achilles Data project has returned to the list of programs offered by our family Bakala Foundation. This popular two-month program introduces journalism students and aspiring journalists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the tools, current trends, and methods of investigative journalism.

During the course, experienced professionals share practical experiences, and motivate these young journalists to pursue this most complex and currently most visible journalistic discipline. “We are aware of the increasing pressure on journalists and the denigration of critical journalistic work not only in the world but also in our region. Our program leads young and aspiring journalists to higher professionalism and responsibility,”says Václav Pecha, the director of the Bakala Foundation.

Václav Pecha speaks in his opening speech to the course participants together with Zuzana Petkova and Pavla Holcova from the partner organisations - the Slovak Stop Corruption Foundation and the Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism.
Seven teams of Czech and Slovak journalism students were ultimately selected for this year’s program, with their first Meet & Greets set during the 14th-16th of October. The first part of the program included workshops and lectures led by experienced domestic and international investigative journalists. For the following two months, participants then work in teams on a real-life investigation under the guidance of an assigned mentor.

This year, among the mentors are Jana Ustohalová from Deník N, Markéta Dobiášová from Reflex, David Klimeš fromAktuálně.cz, Laura Kellöová from or Zuzana Petková from the Zastavme korupciu (the Stop Corruption Foundation). The teams will submit their finished works in mid-December ending the program with a final meeting and presentation of the best material.



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