The Bakala Foundation Selects New Scholars

09. September 2020

On September 15 & 16, 2020, the Scholarship Program will complete its second round of scholar selection at the Bakala Foundation in Prague. In its 11th year, the Foundation received a total of 244 applicants, 26 of which have advanced to the second round. This round, the students will discuss their motivation and study plans with an expert committee composed of respected professionals from various fields.

Michaela Bakala, chairwoman of the board of the Bakala Foundation, is a staple member of the commission. Michaela expressed appreciation for the students’ professionalism and readiness: “We can see that the level of students and Czech education in general, is continuously improving. The motivation of highly talented young people to study abroad is also rising, as reflected by the growing numbers of applications every year.”

Student discusses with the expert committee on the premises of the Bakala Foundation’s new Student Hub.

Uncertainties about the ever-changing pandemic or post-Brexit study conditions in the United Kingdom havenot deterred applicants from studying abroad. The Foundation has met the challenge face on, reacting flexibly to the situation, helping both its current scholars and applicants find their way in the new conditions.Commenting on the Foundation’s future, Michaela noted: “I perceive the irreplaceable role of the Foundation in this – not only in the material assistance of the scholarships, but also in related counseling. We are here to help students make the best possible decisions for their future.

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