Common-Sense Wisdom For All

09. November 2021

Our long-time collaborator and dear friend, Pepper de Callier, officially launched his new book on Monday, November 8, at Luxor Palace in Prague. Pepper has more than 30 years of experience as a career advisor and coach to top executives and leaders worldwide. Now, his new book offers readers chance to be inspired as they pursue self-reflection and growth in their own personal and career lives.

The book, entitled “Common Sense Wisdom: A Trusted Companion for Your Life and Career Journey,” is as a loose sequel to his three previous bestsellers also dedicated to leadership and personal development. In it, readers will find 365 quotes from famous writers, historical and modern leaders, and world thinkers, which Pepper supplements with his own insights and experiences from his practice.

Pepper de Callier at Luxor Palace and Michaela and Zdenek Bakala saying hallo online.

We regret being unable to see the launch in person. Still, we were happy to offer an online “Hello,” heartfelt wishes for many enthusiastic readers, and our sincere thanks for years of wonderful collaboration. Pepper stood with us at the founding of the Aspen Institute CE, and as a Trustee Board Member, was involved in its further development for many years. He has inspired us in many ways, and without his support, our crucial Scholarship Program would not have been nearly as successful. Our many congratulations to Pepper on the publication of his new book!

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