2020 Kaplicky Internship Winner Impressed with the Airship Hangar

01. October 2020

2020 marks the 6th year of the competition for novice architects Kaplicky Internship. Each year the winner is given a paid three-month internship in a renowned architectural studio of London. This year’s winner, Vojtěch Rudorfer, a recent graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague, will head to David Chipperfield’s studio.

The competition’s typical program was not held as initially planned due to the extraordinary epidemiological situation the world is experiencing.  Instead, panel members met applicants and viewed presentations of the final projects online. One of seven finalists, Vojtěch Rudorfer, won with his presentation of an airship hangar with a scientific and technical background in the Norwegian town of Ny-Alesund in Svalbard, home to one of the northernmost stations for polar research.

“Thorough workmanship, precise execution, and a simple yet elegant presentation contributed to the fact that the project overall represents a highly sophisticated design,” said Matt Ball, Associate Director at David Chipperfield Architects. He, together with his colleague Ines Gavelli, sat on the international expert panel.

Visualization of a research airship hangar project in Ny-Alesund, Norway.

Another panel member, Deyan Sudjic, former long-time director of The Design Museum in London, found this year’s circuit of registered participants particularly interesting. “Jan Kaplický would have been proud of them,” he added. Architect and university lecturer Michal Kohout, Rector of the Archip, Regina Loukotová, and Kaplicky Internship 2016 winner Petra Ross rounded out the panel. Eliška Kaplický Fuchsová is an honorary member of the jury every year.

The Kaplicky Internship competition is organized by the Bakala Foundation, together with London’s  The Design Museum and the Kaplicky Centre FoundationThe London Design Museum is the largest museum of contemporary design and architecture in the world. Previous winners of the Kaplicky Internship competition enjoyed internships in the studios of Eva Jiřičné, Zaha Hadid, Allies and Morrison, Adjaye Associates, and Heatherwick Studio. The last two competition winners, Petr Kousal and Ondřej Pokoj continued working in the studios after finishing their internship.

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